Custom Jewellery Artisans in Alstonville

Situated in Alstonville, New South Wales we have many years of experience in making hand crafted jewellery. Utilising the finest in cut diamonds and other materials we provide a personal and unique service which involves great time and care in every single piece. 

Custom Made Jewellery

We provide custom made jewellery, designed by us for you. By purchasing personalised jewellery, you are able to take an active role in the creation of your desired piece to help us produce the best possible results.

Witness the difference of artisan grade jewellery right in the heart of the Northern Rivers. With great time, care and precision involved in creating your dream piece of jewellery, we guarantee you will be more than satisfied with our results.

Premade Jewellery

We also have a bespoke range of readymade jewellery right in store. We understand that you may not have time to go through the process of having a personally designed set of earrings, so we more than cater for those who are in need of a fantastic gift in a hurry.

Available in store, our eclectic mix of jewellery will dazzle the eye and warm the heart. With a selection of different precious metals and stones, you are sure to find that perfect piece for whatever occasion.

Repairs & Restoration

We understand the feeling of losing your favourite necklace or your treasured wedding ring to wear and tear. Don’t let all your jewellery fade like memories of years past. Instead bring it to us for the best in restoration and repairs.

We can remodel, rework and redesign any piece of jewellery which you bring to us in need of maintenance. Whatever the style, metals involved or design you can rest easy knowing that your savoured piece of jewellery can be saved.

Visit us for all your jewellery needs today.